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Felted Wool Scarf Neckpiece Collar/ luxury Blend Wool Scarf/Shibori Wool Scarf/Warm accessories/Holiday Gift

It is a luxury blend. This is a fantastic luxury blend of camel and silk. It's 50% camel down and 50% silk Eri combined with tender Australian Merino wool different shades give an unique effect. 
Eri silk is also known as endi or errandi in India. The wooly white silk is often referred to as the Ahimsa silk or the fabric of peace as the process does not involve the killing of the silk worm. Eri silk is a boon for those who practice absolute non-violence, not using any product obtained by killing any animal.
This felted scarf is made through a wet felting process. Scarf decorated with Flower shibori brooch by unique technology that they are part of the scarf.

Made of natural eco materials. Attached countersunk metal hooks

Incredibly soft and gentle scarf will cause you a storm of delight at his touch and will be a good accessory for cold season. It's a great thing will delight you always and can be a perfect gift for you or your loved one.

Size approximately: long 88 cm (34.6 in)
width 16 cm (6.3 in)

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